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Emission Impossible challenge to Climate Change Minister

In response to this mornings story in the NZ Herald, Climate Change: NZ’s emission impossible, Dr Gerda Kuschel, Emission Impossible Ltd spokesperson on climate change issued a challenge to Climate Change Minister Tim Groser.

“It’s not enough to come up with a good story Minister.  It’s time the New Zealand Government got serious about climate change and started working towards actual reductions”.

The Minister is in Lima taking part in negotiations with 190 countries on a plan to fight global warming and was quoted as saying:

“There’s a lot of work to do but we’ll come up with something and have a good story to tell,” Mr Groser said.  The minister said it was also difficult to set a target because the Lima deal had not established a legal framework for reducing emissions.

Emission Impossible Ltd supports the Green Party of New Zealand Climate Protection Plan (and other common sense economic policies).  This advocates:

  1. Establish an independent Climate Commission to provide expert and independent advice to the government on carbon prices, carbon budgets, and complementary measures to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050
  2. Phase out the failed Emissions Trading Scheme and instead put a meaningful price on carbon through a charge on polluters
  3. Recycle all revenues raised from a carbon charge back to families through a $2,000 income tax-free band a 1 percent company tax cut. Households will be on average $319 better off every year with the Climate Tax Cut
  4. Introduce a suite of complementary measures to reduce New Zealand’s emissions and make the transition to a low carbon economy

WHO publishes first global indoor air quality guidelines

WHO Indoor Air Quality Guidelines: Household Fuel Combustion, published on 11 November 2014, set for the first time emission targets to address the serious health risks from burning fuels. They also oppose the use of unprocessed coal and kerosene, which severely pollutes indoor air and creates risks of fire, burns and poisoning. Worldwide, nearly 3 billion people still lack access to clean fuels and technology for cooking. In 2012, according to a WHO report, 4.3 million people died prematurely as a result of household air pollution.

While cooking over an open fire is not commonplace in countries in the WHO European Region, the health and climate-damaging effects from burning solid fuels, including wood and other biomass, for domestic heating remain critical issues. Over 117,000 deaths due to household air pollution occurred in this region in 2012.

Guideline recommendations

Meeting new emission targets means that some 90% of homes globally will meet WHO’s air quality guideline values. The guidelines’ recommendations stress the need to improve access to cleaner home energy sources, particularly in low and middle income countries.

Clean, sustainable sources of household fuel have an important role in climate change mitigation especially by reducing substantial carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. WHO recommends that governments and other agencies developing and implementing policy on mitigating climate change consider action on household energy, and make assessments to maximize health and climate gains. In addition, clean technologies and fuels must be affordable by the lowest income households.

Source: World Health Organisation, 2014

Louise has a calibrated nose and Gerda is a certified open water diver

When in Melbourne recently, Louise took the opportunity of visiting EML Laboratories to update her nose calibration (last undertaken in, um, 1998…).  Odour sensitivity declines with age so Louise was somewhat relieved to discover that she is well within the 20-90 ppb detection threshold for n-butanol, and can be relied upon to represent an ‘ordinary, reasonable person’ for the purposes of odour management.

Dr Gerda Kuschel also achieved a personal milestone successfully attaining her open water dive certificate in October.

So if you need underwater air quality assistance or have any odours you want investigated – we’re waiting for your call!