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Air Quality Case Law: 2016 Review

On 18 November 2016 Louise presented to the Environmental Compliance Conference her review of air quality case law. Billed as a presentation to restore your faith in New Zealand’s legal system, it is now available online:

New Zealand Air Quality Case Law Review 2016: What stinks and why
Louise Wickham, Emission Impossible

All other papers can be viewed here: 2016 Environmental Compliance Conference Presentations


UK government loses air pollution case in High Court

The UK government has lost a High Court case over its failure to air pollution across the country. The judge, Mr Justice Garnham agreed with ClientEarth’s environmental lawyers, that “the government had failed to take measures that would bring the UK into compliance with the law ‘as soon as possible’ and said that ministers knew that over optimistic pollution modelling was being used”.

This is the second case the UK government has lost relating to its failure to reduce air pollution in the last two years.

ClientEarth CEO James Thornton said “I am pleased that the judge agrees with us that the government could and should be doing more to deal with air pollution and protecting people’s health. That’s why we went to court.”

ClientEarth air quality lawyer Alan Andrews added: “The government also needs to stop these inaccurate Modelling forecasts. Future projections of compliance need to be based on what is really coming out of the exhausts of diesel cars when driving on the road, not just the results of discredited laboratory tests.”

[Source: ClientEarth, 2 November 2016]

Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan updated

The online version of the Auckland Council Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan has been updated to show the parts that are under appeal and the parts that can now be treated as operative.

The annotated plan can be accessed via the link below: