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Jayne & Louise speak at Environmental Compliance Conference

In November 2018, both Jayne and Louise took the opportunity to give presentations at the New Zealand Planning Institute Environmental Compliance Conference.

Copper Moki well site near Ngaere, Stratford District.                Photo credit: Sarah Roberts, June 2014.

Louise discussed Land Use & Air Quality (which is way more interesting than it sounds). Her review of “how close is too close?” included some very scary photos underlining the air quality issues arising from incompatible land use activities such as quarries and oil and gas activities being located hard up against residential activities.

Jayne took a more philosophical approach, asking “if an odour occurs in a forest but an enforcement officer is not present to validate it – did it still occur?” Her presentation discussed the problems with validating odour and what this does, and doesn’t mean, with respect to odour complaints. It may have also had a few choice words on the subject of chronic impacts being mistaken as non objectionable but you had to be there to hear those.

Full presentations in links above.