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Emission Impossible on TV!

Dr Gerda Kuschel was interviewed by TV One about the recent study in the Lancet showing that even low level air pollution increases the risk of lung cancer.  As reported in The Conversation:

[The researchers] found that for every increase of five micrograms per cubic metre of PM2.5 (fine particles that are small enough to travel in the gas exchange between the lungs), the risk of lung cancer rose by 18%. For every increase of 10 micrograms per cubic metre in PM10 pollution (breathable particles that can penetrate into deeper parts of the lung) the risk increased by 22%.

They also noted a stronger link to adenocarcinoma, one of the most common types of cancer found in the lung. It’s also the most common form of cancer found in people aged under 45 and the only one that develops in a substantial number of lung cancer sufferers who don’t smoke.

Dr Kuschel notes in the interview that New Zealand does not yet have a PM2.5 standard.  More importantly, she was fabulously colour-coordinated wearing company colours.