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NZ Accession to MARPOL Annex VI

Update from MoT

Previously we signalled that New Zealand would become a party to MARPOL Annex VI by the end of 2021; however, this has been delayed due to COVID-19 disruptions. We now expect New Zealand will become a party to MARPOL Annex VI in February/March 2022.

MARPOL Annex VI will come into effect in New Zealand three months after accession. This means the requirements will start to apply from May/June 2022. From that time ship operators must comply with some of the requirements, such as the fuel requirements; however, it is planned the survey and certification requirements will commence January 2023. This will provide additional time for ship operators to meet the requirements of MARPOL Annex VI that must be met before the Annex VI certificates can be issued.

We are currently developing detailed guidance to support ship operators to understand the requirements of MARPOL Annex VI. This will be published in February/March 2022 alongside the full text of the finalised Marine Protection Rules Part 199: Prevention of Air Pollution from Ships.

For more information about the cause of the delay, please see the announcement from the Ministry of Transport.