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Visualising air pollution

Real World Visuals have been working on ways to visualise air quality.

This blog looks at different ways to visualise emissions to air from cruise ships.

According to the consultants’ report, a typical cruise ship docked at Enderby Wharf would emit 1.4 million m3 of exhaust each day (15.7 m3 per second). 

The exhaust from the cruise ship also contains oxides of nitrogen and sulphur, and particles. The cubes show the actual volume of the gases (at a pressure of 1 atmosphere and temperature of 15 °C) emitted over 24 hours. These toxic gases and particles need a lot of air to dilute them until they are at levels safe enough to breathe.

They were inspired by a Costing the Earth programme on BBC Radio 4, which highlighted the problems of air pollution from cruise ships docked in Southampton and Greenwich, London. As a thirteen year old astmha sufferer in Greenwich says (Costing the Earth, BBC Radio 4):

“Air pollution effects everybody.  If you could physically see it then a lot of people would take action on it.”

We thought the blog was pretty cool. What do you think?

[Source: Lauren Simpson, Auckland Council]