Emission Impossible Ltd


Who we are

Emission Impossible Ltd is a consultancy specialising in air quality and greenhouse gas emissions, and sustainable transport management.

We have five employees.  Emission Impossible Ltd was founded by Gerda Kuschel and Jayne Metcalfe in 2008.  Rachael Nicoll joined in late 2010, Surekha Sridhar in February 2011 and Lou Wickham in April 2011.

All Emission Impossible Ltd staff are chemical engineers or scientists with backgrounds in both the public and private sectors.  This means that we not only understand the technical aspects — we also understand policy.  We further combine our technical expertise and policy understanding with an ability to write clearly in plain English.

We are highly experienced working in New Zealand and internationally for both private and government clients on a wide range of air quality and transport issues.  Our team has produced hundreds of technical research papers, workshops proceedings, reports, general articles and submissions and are highly experienced public presenters on air quality, vehicle emissions, climate change and environmental sustainability issues.

We are also recognised leaders in our field.  In addition to being air quality experts, we are certified decision makers under the Exclusive Economic Zone and Continental Shelf (Environmental Effects) Act 2012 (Gerda) and Resource Management Act 1991 (Lou).

Following open tender processes, Emission Impossible Ltd has been successfully appointed to the following panels:

  • Auckland Council Panel of Suppliers for the provision of professional and consulting services (Resource Consents)
  • Department of Environment (Commonwealth of Australia) Environmental Research Panel
  • Environment Protection Authority Panel of Suppliers for the provision of technical expert services – air quality
  • Environment Protection Authority Panel of Suppliers for Emission Trading Scheme and Monitoring:
    • Investigation and enforcement services
    • Energy and greenhouse gas industry reporting audits
  • Environment Protection Authority Panel of Suppliers for Strategic and Corporate Operational Specialists (in partnership with Jagadish Guria, Independent Senior Economist):
    • Economic policy and analysis
    • Cost (risk) – benefit analysis
    • Social impact assessment
    • Economic modelling
    • Non-market valuation
    • Policy evaluation
    • Project management of strategic projects
    • Business and data analysis

In addition to the above, Gerda is an approved Independent Professional Advisor (Air Quality) to the New Zealand Transport Agency